“Palazzo Moronti Ciotta” is located in the centre of San Gimignano, next to the suggestive “Piazza della Cisterna” and 150 meters far from the Cathedral Square. The particular shape of this ancient complex, roundly glomerated around a magnificent courtyard, makes this like a little world in itself, almost a little city in the city.

Once crossed the doorway and the entrance hall which leads to the court, we feel like transported in a different age, that imposes other times and other lifestyles, and we can enjoy an unexpected silence if we think that we are in the centre of one of the places with one of the biggest touristic inflows in Italy.

The owners have always cared of this unique atmosphere, in the big things like in the little things, in the non-intrusiveness of the restorations like in the furniture, making that the nature of this place remains alive, preserving nobility and prestige but avoiding to make it a “museum-house”.

The actual owner, who personally takes care with great passion the management of the complex, is available for information, suggestions and solutions, always in the whole respect of the privacy that everyone longs to have in this rare and unique environment.