Mappa ingrandita
The old center of San Gimignano is a limited traffic zone (ZTL); the entrance is allowed only to the residents and to the authorized.
For the guests the access will be authorized only for loading and unloading luggage.
Is advisable to park in the parking lot nr. 1, located in the south zone of San Gimignano, as it is the biggest, the cheapest and is also served steadily of the Bus service.
The other public parking lots, served of the Bus service too, are the nr. 2, close to the walls, just out of Porta San Giovanni (south side) and the parking lot nr. 3, located in the north zone of the city.
- Parking lot 1: Giubileo
- Parking lot 2: Montemaggio
- Parking lot 3: Bagnaia
Check point bus
Moronti Ciotta Palace
The bus that connect the parking lots to the centre passes twice every hour and there’s a bus stop at 50 meters from the palace.