Named this way because built on the ancient Church of San Michele, today incorporated in the complex. In its walls, in one of the many hollows today used as lumber room, were found precious documents of the XIV century. It is on the second floor, and so enjoys of great panoramic views both on the court, on the roofs of the city and on the Valdelsa landscape. Due to its origins is the longitudinal cut, that is articulated in a main corridor on which are faced the different rooms. Most enjoyable is the living room that is faced on Via del Castello, with the singular vaulted ceiling, with XIX century paintings , but first of all the sunny kitchen with the big wood fireplace and with the ancient marble sink. The kitchen looks on an extraordinary landscape. The floors are made of XIX century faience, the Tuscan furniture is all of XIX and earliest XX century.

Living room – Dining room
Kitchen with fireplace
Two single bed bedroom
Double bedroom
Single bedroom
Lumber room
Bath with shower
Gas and electric stove, oven, fridge
Pots and dishes
Bed places 5.